Jessica Haynes

Birthday Bodies Fitness Monthly Motivation is Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach, Jesscia Haynes!



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Birthday Bodies:Tell us about yourself. Name, age, city of origin, current city and occupation!

Jessica: Jessica Haynes 30. Detroit, MI, current city Kapolei, Hawaii. Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach

Birthday Bodies: Were you always fit?

Jessica:: I've always been a medium build, I was the heaviest in the middle of undergrad and at my lightest during my first year of professional work.

Birthday Bodies: What motivates you to workout?

Jessica: The physical need my body calls out for. I can feel when it’s been too long. Usually I feel more fatigue, less energized, or irritable. My body when I work out regularly has a pep and a flow that helps me with daily activities

Birthday Bodies: What do you find to be most challenging for you when maintaining physical fitness?

Jessica: Time management. It’s easy to put a work out on the back burner when you have so many competing commitments and priorities

Birthday Bodies: How do you stay disciplined when it comes to socializing? (Dinners, drinks with friends, lunch with co-workers)

Jessica:  I try to set a monthly budget and give myself freedom to enjoy myself. If I drink a cocktail, I always drink water per alcoholic drink and try to limit myself to two drinks. I am not too hard on myself and I don’t judge others. I find that it helps keep the environment relaxing and more like a safe space. I avoid going out when I’m upset/ depressed/ in a bad mood. The reason that I don’t use going out to feel better is because I do not want to try to find my happiness from outside of myself. Instead the God in me needs nourishment and time to heal from whatever is bothering me. In the past, going out may feel fun or like a relief but my bill would always reflect too much spending to fill an unspoken void.  With food I enjoy going out for lunch and brunch rather than dinners and I like lite menu options, share entrees that might be heavy and eat vegan/ vegetarian. Eating early gives your body time to burn calories instead of eating to late. I try to patron restaurants with a natural platform and sustainable practices they usually have healthier and tastier food options. Lastly I cook! We have lots of fun trying new recipes and meals from different places like IG, outings or magazines.

Birthday Bodies:Do you prefer to workout at the gym, outside (hiking, bicycling), or in the comfort of your own home? Why?

Jessica:I love the gym. I work out but I also love the workout room space that lets you work in “private”. At home I like to make up workouts and practice yoga. I also take longer and take many breaks when I workout at home. My most preferred way is going outdoors, simply walking is great cardio and helps me connect to nature. I like swimming, hiking and frisbee.

Birthday Bodies: What is your go-to food after an intense workout?

Jessica::  love pistachios and fruit! Salty and sweet. The fruit is refreshing!

Birthday Bodies: How do you stay encouraged when you plateau, or don't see results as quickly as you'd like?

Jessica: Just keep going. Revisit your goals and vision- it may be time to make some readjustments. 

Birthday Bodies: What piece of advice would you like to give Birthday Bodies Subscribers during their fitness journey?

Jessica:Be true to yourself and your goals. Remember that our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but powerful beyond measure. -Marianne Williamson

Birthday Bodies: Where/how can Birthday Bodies Subscribers keep up with you?

Jessica: Online @Freebirdyogi, Snapchat: ellefreebird